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The Many Hands Fiber Arts Festival Board is a community-minded, community-involved group of artisans who wanted to create a festival different from the many wonderful festivals in Telluride during the summer months, and so a festival that would showcase the works of the many fiber artists in the community and the community at large was born.  The members on the board have been residents of the area for many, many years and have worked and participated in art functions over the years.  The previous festivals brought new meaning to involving the community.  The response has been overwhelming and the quality and variety of works on display has been exceptional.  Not to mention the fantastic artists who have given exceptional demonstrations and classes to festival attendees and staff alike.  In the past, displaying animals that provide the fibers for weavers, knitters, crocheters, clothiers and quilters showed the source of these fibers to children and adults as well.


Another aim of the Board is to share the skills and joy of fiber arts to our children.  For the longest time, those skills deemed so important by our ancestors were threatened to disappear until so many tried to save these skills and learn them from the older members of our society, thus making all of these fiber skills to rebound.  It is an aim of the Board to encourage the development of these skills for our children to adopt and enjoy.


To these ends, the Many Hands Fiber Arts Festival Board of Directors strives to provide as much assistance as possible.


To be a part of this endeavor, the Board of Directors is actively searching for those energetic persons wanting to be a part of the festival.  If you have skills to share with the Festival and are willing to be a part of the Board that meets once a month and designs and executes the Festival, sign up to volunteer your time and skills by contacting the Festival through the various information links on this site.


Lynn Black, Jim Brand, Betty Favier, Valerie Franzese, Kathy Green, 

Judy Kennedy, Bettye Nowlin, and Mary Jo Schilacci




FOUNDING BOARD MEMBERS, RETIRED: Deree Brand, Nancy Craft, Ann Kennedy,  Cari Malver, Ginger Snip



Sharon Albin, Jenny Sullivan, and Jessica Strohm



Traci Baize, Connie Coulter, Mona DeAlva, Ellen Price, Lynn Stanfield




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You know that quilting makes you feel good, but now there's scientific evidence to back up what you've always suspected-not only does quilting make you happy, it's actually good for your health.


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