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We invite you to set up a store in our 


located in the Telluride School

725 W. Columbia Ave

Telluride, CO 81435

We've always wanted our vendors to be successful.  We've collected statistics from previous festivals

and the numbers show they are successful!


During the 2016 Festival 25 Vendors used 16 booths to display their items.  There were 148 sales made through central checkout with an average gross sale of $69.36 each sale.  Over $11,000 dollars were collected during the festival.

Many Hands Fiber Arts Festival believes the many vendors that choose to sell at the Festival are the very heart of the show.  The changes made in the Festival for 2018 promises to generate more interest!


Vendor booths are arranged around the outer perimeter of the show making for high visibility exposure for all vendors.  Vendor booth is TEN feet deep and EIGHT feet wide and a vendor can choose to utilize one space or double up and display wares across two or three spaces. Some spaces have electricity available at an extra cost of $20.  There are a total of 22 booths available so make your selection early!


Vendor booths are going quickly!  Don't wait too long and miss out on being a part of the Festival! Over half of the booths are already spoken for!


So what kind of deal are we offering our vendors for the 2018 Many Hands Festival?  Only one of the best offers to come down the pike in a long time!  Keep reading!  You will love the deal!

There are two fee schedules for this year's festival based upon a booth fee of $120 for the 8' x 10' booth.  Vendors who volunteer 4 hours of time to the festival will enjoy the significant discount of $50 for the booth.  Volunteering would consist of things like helping with setup on Thursday (need to be able to climb ladders and move things), same sort of things for takedown, greet and sell access tickets or raffle tickets, assist with demos and trunk show, cashiering, and other tasks. Hours will be done in one to four hour shifts depending on need.  If you feel able and willing to do some volunteer hours indicate it on the reservation form.  If agreeable arrangement made on the volunteering a credit of $50 will be added to the payment of sales from the checkout center. A discount of about 10% exists if multiple booths are reserved.

So what are you going to get for your money and your donated item?


1. Each vendor will receive two chairs for the booth.

2.  Coffee, tea, water and light snacks will be available.

3.  A central checkout will be provided as usual. 

4.   We also know our vendors are talented people so each vendor can submit one piece of artwork for display and judging at no charge.


Each vendor will be responsible for additional tables, display furniture and any lighting.  Additional tables may be rented locally at Viking Rentals.

We want our vendors to have a successful festival and enjoy their time in the Telluride area!

This year set up will be FRIDAY,  JULY 27th

9:00 AM UNTIL 12:00 PM.


 There will be assistance available to help you bring your store into your vendor space.  Assistance will be available for carrying yourstore back to your vehicle on SUNDAY, July 29th from             2:00 PM TO 5:00 PM.

Vendors are encouraged to make early arrangements for display space.  The deadline for reserving vending space in the 2018 Many Hands Fiber Arts Festival is July 14, 2018.

Vendors will use central checkout.  There is a 10% fee on transactions. Fee is to cover credit card transaction fees and the costs of paying out sales taxes and payments to vendors for sales. Vendors who choose to use their own credit card machine may do so without using central checkout, but must have a Town of Telluride Business License, must collect and pay Town of Telluride Sales Tax, San Miguel County Sales Tax, and State Sales Tax.

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