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Eileen Urbanek

Eileen Urbanek is a Certified Instructor for Judy Neimeyer paper piecing. She has been teaching for shops and guilds for the last eight years. You can find her teaching at least once a month at Quilt Country in Lewisville, TX. She is also available to do trunk shows and lectures for quilt guilds, having given the lecture “Get Re-Excited” to many guilds in her area in recent years.


She first became interested in Judy’s patterns when she realized how organized the sewing process. Perhaps best spoken in her own words, she says, “I am always thinking of how to do things easier, quicker, smarter, etc, and with Judy’s technique it is evident that she works that way also. I “got” her technique right from the beginning and had a hard time putting the project down.” Her first project with Judy was the Amazon Star in the summer of 2009, which she finished in two weeks, and has been completing project after project ever since! Being and instructor herself, she sees quilts the way Judy sees them. As she makes the project, she works through how it should be taught to students. With every finished project, she has a plan for passing it along to others so they can learn to do it as well.


Since she became a Certified Instructor in 2010 she has used over 40 different “Judy” patterns to complete 116+ projects using Judy’s patterns. Her teaching background is strong, her understanding of Judy’s techniques is spot on, and her interest and excitement for sharing the information with others is energizing.


Eileen Urbanek will be teaching the Judy Neimeyer Paper Piecing technique at the Telluride School this year, July 16-17-18, 2018, as part of the 2018 Many Hands Fiber Arts Festival.  Class fee is $175 plus cost of fabric and pattern.



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Carol Ann Waugh

From a career in business consulting to full time studio fiber artist and owner of a contemporary art gallery, Carol talks about her journey and share some lessons learned from moving from a left brain to right brain life. Her sense of humor will have the audience laughing as they relate to every aspect of her journey.  Carol is a very popular lecturer at local and national quilting venues.


“My current work hints at the mixing of geometric and organic textures with layer upon layer of complex surface tension. It’s about exploration where unexpected connections and juxtapositions can lead to new ideas and artistic expressions.  I enjoy not having complete control over the outcome of my work and as I layer, create each line, shape or pattern, add or take away color, and stitch, the decisions made after each step change the options for the next decision.  It’s why making art is so intriguing and something I am driven to do every day.”


Carol's work has been juried into many exhibitions, national and international.


Carol Ann Waugh is teaching two favorite classes during the 2018 Many Hands Fiber Arts Festival - Stitch and Slash as a half day class and Stupendous Stitching as a full one day class.


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Kathy Green

 Natural Dye Textiles Workshop 


Forage and formulate your own natural textile dyes using unusual materials like tea bags and avocado pits. 


Join Telluride fabric guru Kathy Green at her indoor/outdoor studio to experiment with various natural and eco-dyeing techniques. Using a variety of natural dyes, mordants and color changers, students will be able to experiment and create a number of different results. Students will be asked to bring some foraged plants and kitchen scraps with them on the first day (think tea bags and avocado pits). The group will supplement their dyeing options by taking a foraging walk to collect additional materials. Find out what rust, tea and more natural colorants can create.

Students should consider wearing comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen and bug repellent. Dress in layers, and a bring a lunch and snacks. Students are encouraged to bring wool roving and yarn to dye, as well.


The class runs July 31- August 3rd from 10am - 4pm each day.  All materials are included.


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Eileen Urbanek will be presenting a "Trunk Show" for visitors to the

2018 Many Hands Fiber Arts Festival

on Friday afternoon July 27th.

See animals that provide the fibers that are turned into artist materials used in making fiber art on display on the grounds of the Festival Saturday July 28th.  This is a wonderful teaching event for children and adults alike!

Flying Iron Ranch Alpacas from Montrose, home to Makulu son Chimera's Galileo, Rocky Bay son MultiChampion Xanadu P Descant and Road Warrior son MultiChampion Xanadu P Corsair will be showing their fine Alpacas on the lawn in front of the school where you can get yourself a ‘selfie’ with these wonderful fiber sources.

Watch for demonstrations of various techniques throughout the festival!

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