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Artists who work with any fiber medium are encouraged to submit their work for exhibit in the 2018 Fiber Arts Festival!  From our first festival in 2013, we have encouraged creative works in many different categories from quilts, weavings, needlework, crochet, fabric dolls, clothing and dyed fabrics. The shows were exciting and we want to continue that tradition in 2018!  If it's made with fabrics it's good for the show!


The 2018 Festival is located in the

Telluride School

725 W. Colorado Ave

in Telluride.

July 27th through July 29th, 2018

Artwork entries for display, judging and/or sale in the 2018 Many Hands Fiber Arts Festival are based upon display space.  Quilts, weavings and other works will be displayed using a hanging panel that is 8' high and 6' wide.  The entry fee for the panel is $20.00.  For displaying large items such as a quilt, clothing, or weaving, one panel would be used.  For smaller items, multiple pieces of artwork such as small quilts, weavings, needlepoint, dolls, crocheted or knitted items can be displayed on one panel.  If an artist doesn't have an item large enough to use the entire space, the artist is encouraged to create a group entry with work from friends or other guild members to be displayed together on one panel.  Otherwise the item will be displayed on an easel or table.


Items needing to be displayed on easel or flat table will be displayed on a table space 30 inches wide and 30 inches deep.  The entry fee for this space is $5.00.  If the artist wishes they can display more than one item in this space but must allow enough space around the items displayed to place a 5.5” x 8.5” description card with each item.  Multiple spaces may be used at a rate of $5.00 per space. 


Many Hands Fiber Arts Festival reserves the right to limit the number of artistic works in any display space to insure the highest and best exhibition of an artist’s work.  Where conflict arises in the display of artistic works, every effort will be made to contact the artist about the issue prior to the festival.

Categories for this year's festival include quilts, weavings, baskets, needlework of all kinds - knitting, crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitch, clothing, mixed media, dolls, and anything else created using fibers!

Use your imagination and enter today!

Online Artwork Entry Form below!


Be sure to check out the rules below!


1.  Submit your paid entry by Friday, July 20, 2018 JULY 25th by using the online Artwork Entry Form available below.


2.  If submitting more than one work as an individual artist, each piece must have its own entry on the Artwork Entry Form.  Limit of three pieces.


3.  Upload a color photo of each submitted work using the online entry form.  We use the photos as part of our security for items in the show.  It makes it easier to connect the artist and the work and to get the item returned to the artist should a problem arise.


4. Items will be accepted between July 5th and JULY 25th July 20, 2018. They can be submitted by USPS Mail or by UPS or FEDEX shipping as well as hand delivering them.


If shipping UPS or FED EX please ship to:


c/o Black Bear Trading Company,

226 West Colorado Ave.

Telluride, CO 81435.


If shipping via US Postal Service please ship to:


P.O. Box 2734, Telluride, CO 81435

(Shipping to the proper address is VERY IMPORTANT!

Please allow sufficient time for your items to arrive prior to the cutoff date!


When items are shipped to MANY HANDS FIBER ARTS FESTIVAL, be sure to include return postage and label when shipping your item.


If hand delivering them in person please bring them to:

Many Hands Fiber Arts Festival at

Black Bear Trading Company, 226 W. Colorado Ave in Telluride.


5.  Each entered item must be delivered in a pillowcase, fabric bag or plastic crate.  More fragile items may be delivered in a box with proper amount of padding to protect the work.  To identify the item and the artist, cut two 4” squares of muslin or other fabric. With a permanent marker, write your name, address, phone number and title of work on each of these squares. Attach one square of fabric or permanent label to the outside of your container and the other to the item.  If you are entering more than one item, EACH ITEM MUST HAVE THIS FORM OF IDENTIFICATION.


6.  All quilts MUST have a 4” hanging sleeve. The sleeve should be placed at the top of the item as you want it hung. WEAVINGS  MUST have provisions for properly hanging the item.


7.  In order for needlepoint or embroidery to be judged the judges must be able to see the back side of the work. If the back side can not be viewed the work can still be shown but will not be eligible for awards. If your needlepoint entry is a pillow and you want it judged it must have a zipper or an open seam so the judges can get to the back of the work. 


8.  Liability Insurance is the sole responsibility of each artist. MANY
 HANDS FIBER ARTS FESTIVAL will handle each entry with the utmost care but does not assume liability for loss or damage of any nature to any entry. 


9.  Any items that are sold during the festival must be paid for at the festival. Pick up or shipping arrangements must be made between the artist and purchaser. Neither TELLURIDE ARTS nor MHFAF will ship any sold items. 


10.  Items will be released between 2:00 and 3:30 pm Sunday, July 29th, 2018 ONLY. If you are not going to be present you must either have authorized someone in writing to pick up your work or have sent a prepaid return shipping label when you sent in your work.


11.  Items not meeting the requirements for inclusion in the Many Hands Fiber Arts Festival will not be displayed and will be available for pickup between 2:00 and 3:30 pm, Sunday, July 29th 2018.


Neither TELLURIDE ARTS nor MHFAF will assume any responsibility or incur any costs to ship any items. All diligence will be exercised to contact the owner of abandoned works of art to arrange for return.  Entry of artwork in the Festival grants Many Hands Fiber Arts Festival the right to photograph artwork for promotional items for support of the Festival.

A receipt will be automatically sent to the email you enter on the form.  Pay online or pay by check.  Instructions are on the form. Our forms are secure through SSL technology and no credit card information is retained by the festival.

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