Many Hands Fiber
Arts Festival

The 2018 Festival is located in the

Telluride Middle/High School

725 W. Colorado Ave

in Telluride.

After reviewing the fantastic showing at the 2016 Festival, it became evident that our Festival is becoming more and more popular with artists, guests, and vendors alike with increases in participation by these groups.  While being successful is a great thing, the amount of work necessary to put on a festival each and every year is becoming more and more difficult given the pressure on the arts community locally and regionally and the more extensive logistical issues facing the Festival. Our Festival is competing with other larger festivals in the area and these festivals are on an every other year schedule.


So, as a board, the Many Hands Fiber Arts Festival is moving to an every other even year schedule.  This will mean that the upcoming

Many Hands Fiber Arts Festival will be held

July 27 - 29, 2018.

This delay has allowed several things to happen;

1.  Our artists will have more time to create their wonderful works of art. 

2.  Our vendors will have more time to plan for their displays in our new venue at the newly remodeled Telluride School on Colorado Avenue at the gateway to the town with awesome exposure to all the traffic entering Telluride. 

3.  And our guests, artists and vendors will have more space to park and the town shuttlebus stops out front.  We think this is a win-win situation for everyone involved.


In the meantime watch for different activities put on by the Festival for the kids program and for the community.  And then everyone should be totally prepared for a totally colossal


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